Elinore's Garden: Intervention via Spirit

I was supposed to work this morning. I had the 2nd day of training for our summer algebra program. I was looking forward to it. But, my car overheated last night, so I got up this morning to add fluids to the radiator and see how it went. It seemed fine, so I left the […]

Elder's Meditation March 22, 2008

“Everything’s so simple, and we make everything so complicated. That’s why we’re confused.” –Vickie Downey, TEWA/Tesuque Pueblo The Creator designed a very simple set of Laws for us to follow. If we follow these simple things, we’ll be happy. If we don’t follow these simple things, our lives become complicated. For example: Respect Mother Earth […]

Elder's Meditation of the Day – March 12

“The old people say, `Learn from your mistakes’. So I try to accept everything for what it is and to make the best of each situation one day at a time.” –Dr. A.C. Ross (Ehanamani), LAKOTA The Creator did not design us to beat ourselves up when we make mistakes. Mistakes are our friends. It […]

Elder's Meditation of the Day – March 6

Gonna’ start posting these again. “And there are Four Corners of the Earth that we talk about, the Four Colors of people, and the Four Winds. You see the winds-they are spirits.”–Grandfather William Commanda, ALGONQUIN The Elders teach us about the four directions. If we learn about direction, we also learn about attention, about focus, […]

Elder's Meditation of the Day – October 23

So incredibly timely… “We do not walk alone. Great Being walks beside us. Know this and be grateful.” –Polingaysi Q“yawayma, HOPI Many religions have different names for these Beings. Some are called angels, some are called spirits. These Spirit Beings are helpers. They guide us, protect us and will help us during our times of […]

Elder's Meditation of the Day – October 3

“Spiritual Values are an Attitude.” –Leonard George, Chief Councilor Attitude is a direction which we follow. If you have a positive attitude, it means you will lean towards a positive direction. If you have a negative attitude, it means you will lean away from the Spirit. Therefore, if we lean toward spiritual values, then our […]

"We" Keep Buying This Crap, They Keep Selling It

I am sick, sick ,sick of fake gurus, spiritual experts and the money hungry cows that join their herds and graze on their bullshit. DREAMING BEAR This guy is all the things to hate about fake shamans and so much more! This guy makes me ill. THE SECRET EXPOSED I agree that the energy we […]

Elder's Meditation of the Day – August 12

“With one mind we address our acknowledgement, respect, and gratefulness to all the sacred Cycle of Life. We, as humans, must remember to be humble and acknowledge the gifts we use so freely in our daily lives.”   –Audrey Shenandoah, ONONDAGA The sacred Cycle of life – the baby, the youth, the adult, the Elder. […]