Beyond Multiculturalism

Please take the time to read and digest, whether you agree or not.
Beyond Multiculturalism: The New Life Before Us
by: Lynice Pinkard on October 29th, 2009
I often say to my congregation, “We are not individually salvageable.” Salvation, in my view, is not individual but collective. The only thing that will save us, as empire systems come crumbling down, is deep, sustained relationships, not just with those like us, but across every line of difference. We are going to need each other.
I believe that we go to church (or to any other faith community) not to affirm and preserve our identities – whether black, white, gay, straight, working class, middle class, or whatever – but to be transformed, alchemized through deep full-on engagement with each other, into Holy Spirit-infused community with the power to confront the forces of empire in solidarity with each other and with those living in the margins of the city outside our doors. This process will require each of us to lay on the altar some parts of who we believe ourselves to be – parts that don’t serve the flourishing of all life. This is not multiculturalism but what I call interculturalism. Multiculturalism places cultures side by side; interculturalism involves the alchemization of cultures into something entirely new. But wait, there’s more

No Marriage License for Interracial Couple

No Marriage License for Interracial Couple
By MARY FOSTER AP October 15, 2009
HAMMOND, La. (Oct. 15) – A Louisiana justice of the peace said he refused to
issue a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for any
children the couple might have.
Keith Bardwell, justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish, says it is his
experience that most interracial marriages do not last long.
“I’m not a racist. I just don’t believe in mixing the races that way,”
Bardwell told The Associated Press on Thursday. “I have piles and piles of
black friends. They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I
treat them just like everyone else.” But wait, there’s more

Prejudice Spilling Over: Venting

OK. Through some encouragement I will now vent about the issue that is starting to enrage and inspire me to action.
Most of you are well aware that this blue eyed, light olive skinned, curly headed(“good haired”), chick you know as Tatyanna is an “other”. Mind, body and spirit I am African American(father), Irish(mother), French(mother) and Powhatan Indian(father). I was raised by my “white” parent. Her parents were not prejudice in the least but her grandmother(paternal) disowned her. She was first generation Irish. Very racist.
All my life my mother and every role model and mentor has ensured that I am aware of and immersed in ALL of my racial/ethnic heritage. Although I identify as a black woman who has white and native American heritage, I have blue eyes and I am acutely aware of the skin color privilege that I am afforded in this lifetime. I have long been an advocate for racial/ethnic understanding and acceptance. Tolerance is NOT enough!
So, with that micro-history of who I am racially/ethnically and what my philosophical background is, I will proceed to vent about racial and other prejudice, NOT to be confused with Racism. I will NOT go into a discussion of the difference. Ya’ll are educated folks.
What prompted my venting: But wait, there’s more

The Garden Is a GO!

I have so much to catch all of you up on. I will post about the house I am renting and how all of that came to be, but this time around I want to share about my gardening plans.
I leave for a trip to Hawaii in 5 days, and when I get back I will be planting a few raised beds with fall/winter veggies. In the meantime I have herbs growing and I just planted a small corn patch in front of the house.
When I build my raised beds I will talk about how I amended the soil et al. I was going to do that here but it will end up being a lot of pictures of dirt. I may post those pictures later.
What you see here in order:
1) The wholes I dug for the corn plants with Bat Guano as fertilizer. Corn needs nitrogen and manure from cow or horse would burn the plants.
2) I had to put up a small fence around the patch so that Brigid and Sophie would not continue to do their business in the fresh soft dirt. Brigid and Sophie are my cats.
3) I bought starter plants because it is late in the season to start corn seeds. With California weather the plants should grow just fine, however.
4) This is what it looked like just before I started to put the plants in the ground.
5) This is when I was half way done. You can see my digging tool (sort of) , the bat guano, the small solar light and the beautiful dirt.
6) Here it is folks! Step up and see the teensy weensy corn patch! It seems to be growing well so far. I planted it two weeks ago. So, if all goes well we will have fresh sweet white corn to share/eat around Nov. 1.
[imagebrowser id=5]

They denied the wrong citizen!

Ok ya’ll. Now sit down and listen to a tale about a woman who did her due diligence and ensured her registration before going to vote, just to have a small group of misinformed citizens deny her right to cast a regular ballot.

History: I am 40 years old and have voted in every election since I was 18 years old. The last two Presidential elections I have been forced to file a provisional ballot even though I knew I was registered.

I re-registered due to moving since the last election. I received my voter registration card in the mail at my home. It states that I was registered on Oct. 14, 2008 and was eligible to vote in any election after Oct. 28, 2008. I received my sample ballot mailed to my home.

I made sure I had my license with me when I got in line at Bassett elementary school at 7:20 AM on Tuesday November 4, 2008. The line was pretty long, but a woman came by and called people who had the words "Yellow Table" on their sample ballot book. That’s ME! I was excited that we were shepherded to the front of the line for our area. YAY! But, yet I felt anxious for some reason.I brushed it off and enjoyed conversation with a nice yung woman who was there with her 4 mos. old baby daughter.

When I reached the Yellow Table, I gave the woman my name. She looked at my sample ballot to see if she heard my name correctly. She looked at the book and did not find my name. She said:, "You are not here, you must vote provisional." I protested stating I ahd my registration ard in my hand and showed it to her. She then, and only then, looked at the "blue book" or late registrants book. My name was not there either.

It was at this time that I began to cry. I was so outraged that I could not hold back the tears. They were tears of anger and disbelief. I stated to the woman who told me I had to vote provisional: I will not vote provisional. I check the law last night and since I have my proof of registration, ID and mail proving my address you must give me a reular ballot." She and another woman told me I was wrong. She stated that if I could find my name on the sheets I could sign and vote. If not, and I refuse her offer to vote she does not care if I vote and I can leave. I AM NOT KIDDING!

I then stated that I would not be voting provisionally and that I did not appreciate her becoming antagonistic with me. She said she was not. I then stated that I would be reporting this. She disappeared and came back with a  tissue for me. She then came around the table and tried to console me with a half hug. Another poll worker did the same. I told them I did not need sympathy, I needed my right under State law to vote with a regular ballot.

She offered me a chair and tried to smooth things over by stating loudly(so all in line could hear) that they were going to make sure my vount was counted this time. They made me watch as they licked my envelope and placed it in teh ballot box(under the machine). The woman who placed it in the box stated to me that I should call and file my complaint with the Registrar so the can fix my records.

Note: to show you how much EVERY citizen is subject to becoming a diseased part of the sick body politic, both of those woman were Black. The supposed person in charge was an older(65+) woman and the woman who suggested I file my grievance was a Black woman about 40 years old. BTW: I am half black and have blue eyes and could pas for white if I did not know who I am. It is not about that. It has NOTHING to do with race or class in my case. It has EVERYTHING to do with a broken system. Uniformed or misinformed poll workers and a silent public.

I will NOT be silent.

I immediately spoke to my boss who was very understanding, as usual(she’s amazing) and my boyfriend who told me "Call the Cops T!". Maybe I should have?  TIM ROBINS LET THEM CALL THE COPS

I went to Obama headquarters because it was nearby and they gav

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Vote Stealing and Other Nefarious Occurances

I have had just about enough of the constant news that voters….almost all voting democratic…are having trouble voting. Ya’ll are educated and informed, so I will not go into all the ways this is happening here, but I will let you know what has and is happening to me and my son.

I have been registered to vote since I was 18. I move a lot so I make sure I re-register each time I move. In the last two presidential elections….2000 & 2004, I was forced to cast a provisional ballot and guess what? My vote was NOT counted. Once I voted independent *ahem*, once Democratic.

Regardless of who we may vote for, I made sure my 18 year old(first time voter) son and I were registered by going HERE and checking. I encourage every one of you to do the same in your state. Make sure your registration or registration changes are processed and that you will be able to cast your vote without delay.

My son registered at school. His ballot was dropped off in Norwalk, at the County Election Commission. He IS registered. However, when my sample ballot showed up last night, he received a "permanent Vote By Mail" packet. Somehow he was logged as requesting to vote by mail. This is ridiculous as he has NEVER voted before, as he just turned 18 on Sept. 6, 2008. He needed guidance on filling out the registration form itself, and had no access to "vote by mail" applications.

So, how do you suppose this occurred and why? Anyone have a theory?

I’m angry about this. Voting by mail is complex. If you do not mail in a copy of valid voter iD, sign the OUTSIDE of the envelope and cross and "i"s and dot all "t"s your ballot in rendered invalid. It is a very tricky way for a new voter to vote. I’m not claiming conspiracy here folks. You know me too well for that. What I am saying is that it may be that they are attempting to stop gridlock at the polls and inadvertently causing many first time voters to a) not know what to do b) cast an invalid vote c) get discouraged d) ask another voter for help.

Well, in our case, we will sit down on Friday morning and go over the entire ballot and discuss the ballot measures. He already knows who he wants to be his next President. He will vote as his heart and mind lead him. We will go to Norwalk on Friday early morning and cast our EARLY votes together. I will not wait until election day and have anything get in the way of our vote. Additionally, I ahve to work 9:30AM to 6:00PM about 1 hour from my polling place. If the lines are as long as projected, I will a) miss work time which means missed pay b) not be able to vote c) kick a poll workers tushie.

Incidentally, the building I work in is a polling place. Not my polling place though. Many of my students will be voting here before computer class. It will be interestuing to hear and see what goes down that day in this heavily diverse yet primamrily Black district.

May the force…uhm…vote be with you! Vote long and prosper.

uh…yah…I’m a geek. But, I’m cute. ;p

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Gonna' be a Busy Weekend

This is the last weekend I have to get ready for the trip to Chicago! eek! I have sooooooo much to do. I have a long list of things to do, to buy, to prepare.

Since I sold my Jeep, I will need to rent a car this weekend in order to get it all done and have some fun in the process. I found a rental at Enterprise for $15 a day! YAY! That’s totally affordable. I will pick the rental up tomorrow morning and keep it until Monday early AM.

I have to do laundry, go to the garment district for a couple of cool shirts and such, pick up some coffee from Cafe Para LA Digna Vida, buy photo paper and print the photos for V’s keepsake album(so he doesn’t forget what I look like), revamp my Sansa with the new firmware and hook up the playlists for the trip..and so much more.

Saturday is my son’s 18th birthday, but since he is uhm…on lock down…he will ahve to spend the day with me and go to an art show at The Hive and dinner of his choosing. Probably BBQ on Spring St.! yummm….

Sunday night one of the woman that I did the "ONE" class and production with is filming her video live at a clob in LA. That will be tons of fun! It’s FREE!

A jam packed weekend to balance out the totally laid back and relaxing one last week. But, I am getting more and more excited about Chicago and I’ll probably be all set and packed by Sunday eve. lol

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