How do you break a circular pattern?

Anyone know how to break a circular pattern that one finds themself looped in? I am sure some guru has written a book about it.

At one point in your life, have gone you around and around an issue that keeps repeating itself, whether in a relationship, at work or with a parent?

How have you handled it? How can you break the pattern without  throwing up your hands and giving up, jumping out of the circle completely?

On The Road Again

In 1 week and a day I will leave for the big Annual Conference for IRWA.

The preparation work is wearing me out a bit. I also have so many little things to get done before I go….and payday is still a week away. Yikes!

One cool thing is the 50’s themed Monday Night Event at the National Constitution Center in Philly. I’m looking forward to the costume.  Pictures will be posted at my website once I get back.

This site and email will be my only links to sanity while I am away. I will be in Philly until June 27th. I hope everyone keeps in touch.


So, What have I been up to?

I have been awake for 3 hours. My internal clock has no concept of weekends. argh!

The haps:

I have just moved into a new home. It’s been just two weeks and it’s fabulous! As many of you know, I was living with a woman named Linda…my son’s best friend’s nanny…in her house. It was a temporary fix to a major problem of not being able to find an aprartment suitable for peaceful living. It is darn near impossible to find a place to live in the LA area that one can afford and that does not have vermon.

Well, you know how things just seem to fall in to your lap when you are living your life with spiritual focus and letting the universe guide you? Anyway…that’s what has happened.

My previous living situation had become less than ideal *ahem*, and the prospect of finding a new place in LA/South Bay area was quite daunting.

Un-Abridged version: someone asked me for insight into what it is like living with roomates, as she had never done so. She found herself in need of a shared living situation. DON’T WE ALL IN LA? We talked and I mentioned my desire for a change and the fact that I could not afford my own place yet.  She jokingly said, “maybe we should look for a place together.”

Note: You must understand that I had known this person a very short while at the time and had very few interactions, albeit fun and interesting ones, to this point.

One day, I got up the courage to ask her if she was interested in talking about the potential of us being roomates. We discussed every little detail my obessesed little brain could muster.  We wanted to Move in June..maybe May.. but I could not get over how long it takes people(even people with GOOD credit) to find a place.

We got back to work(we work together) and I mentioned that another person we both know was renting a house. EUREKA! “Honey! Why aren’t we talking to her about that house?”, my soon to be roomate exclaimed. hmmm…DUH?

The rest is history. 5 weeks later we moved in to a newly carpeted, freshly painted, quaint 3 bedroom-1&1/2 bath house with a 14X49 ft. backyard of it’s own and all sorts of cool features.

I asked Julian if he liked his new home and he said, “HELLS YAH!”. Enough said.

As for the new roomie. Her name is LINDA.  These two Lind’as are the only Lindas I recall knowing, EVER! Strange eh?

Linda is a kindred spirit. If you know me and my ins and outs, and you still like me…you will like Linda. She is an aries….and even though I am a touchy cancer…with my aries rising, we connect very well.

I am fantasically at peace and feel refreshed and have a renewed sense of the future. Nothing like a change of venue to re-energize a girl who tends to crawl into her shell and hide out for months/years at a time.

Those of you who are within travel distance of my home, there will be a birthday/house-warming party in July sometime. Look for the invite.

Signing off for the moment with love for each of you.