Elder's Meditation of the Day – May 9

This could not be more timely. I need to pray today. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Without a sacred center, no one knows right from wrong.” —- Thomas Yellowtail, CROW In the center of the circle is where the powers reside. These powers are called love, principle, justice, spirtual knowledge, life, forgiveness and truth. All these powers reside in […]

Most Insideous Racial Terminology

On Tuesday, we will be doing an activity with our students to help them frame the concepts of subtle pervasive prejudice and how it affects their educational opportunities a la the achievement gap, etc. We will also be discussing institutional racism in concrete terms. Traditionally all of our students have been black, and the activity […]

Daily OM: April 16, 2008: Giveaways

http://www.dailyom.com/ Potlatch(aka Giveaway) Encouraging Generosity We can learn much from the Native American tradition of the potlatch. It is a tradition that values generosity above all else, and a potlatch, which is a very grand ceremony, is an exercise in giving away material possessions, food, and money. It is not uncommon for the host of […]

Elinore's Garden: Intervention via Spirit

I was supposed to work this morning. I had the 2nd day of training for our summer algebra program. I was looking forward to it. But, my car overheated last night, so I got up this morning to add fluids to the radiator and see how it went. It seemed fine, so I left the […]