When it comes to your body, mind and spirit take care…

It only seems logical for a nutritionist to eat healthy and be in relative good fitness, a life coach to be old enough to have lived a bit of life and not be divorced 4 times and be an active addict. Right? It is only ethical for a person who runs sweat lodges to have Indigenous elders who passed on the wisdom in a traditional way? Right?
So, with the 1000s of folks in CA doing tantric teaching/counseling, why would one want to turn their core energy and sexuality over to a person who went to a few week-long Tantric workshops and now calls themself a teacher or counselor?
My point is when it comes to your body, mind and spirit take care when you place them in the hands of people who went to a few workshops, got a certificate or access to a sacred location and now offer their “services” to the people. They are not all well-trained. They are not all safe. They are not all ethical.
I will have to do a long blog post about this one day, but people have been spiritually injured, their health has been compromised and their mental state has become fragile from working with(and paying) these so-called “teachers”. Women have also been raped by some of the “fake gurus” who do this work. Heck, some female “teachers” have taken advantage of men too!
I wish I could do workshops in LA about how to spot a self-help poser. *sigh* Why wouldn’t I? Because I am just a woman with an opinion, not an expert. The work I do is based in professional experience and 15+ years of hands on work and learning. I would not take money to write grants if I had just taken a weekend class. I would not take money to build websites unless I had been doing so for many years, and I do not offer to build sites outside my skill set. I would NEVER do women’s work with teens unless it had been my profession for 17yrs.
It sicken and angers me when I see person after person launching their own self-help offerings with little or no training and very little experience. It scares me more than anything, really. It’s so dangerous people. We only get gifted with one mind. We only get gifted with one soul/spirit. We only get gifted with one heart. We only get gifted with one body. These things are precious.
Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some sweet and generous folks who are well meaning and wish to share what they have learned in classes, workshops, etc. Some do not mean harm, but that does not mean no harm will be done.

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