Slim and out of shape?

Slim and Out of Shape

I am pretty slim. Some have even called me skinny, but compared to Twiggy and Kate Moss I am curvy. I have gotten away from exercising lately due to starting my own business. I am however, quite out of shape. The contestants on The Biggest Loser could out do me easily. They are in amazing condition. I need to schedule workouts into my work day, since I work from my home office.

In the past, I have bought a few exercise DVDs but they have been gathering dust on the shelf. I finally pulled one out to try it out and I am hooked! The Acacia company has put out several exercise DVDs which are dance based. Dance is one of the best ways I know to get in shape quickly and have fun at the same time.

Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body

The DVD descriptionWhen exercise is fun, you’re more likely to do it, and what’s more fun than dancing? Burn fat and calories, melt unwanted pounds, reduce stress, and tone your whole body with this enjoyable workout. Kimberly Miguel Mullen uses elements of Brazil’s steamy, heart-pounding dances—Samba Reggae, Maculelê, Capoeira—to target trouble spots while burning fat and calories. Set to authentic, pulsating Brazilian music, it’s a hip-swinging, body-slimming good time. 48 min. on 1 DVD.
Having taken Capoeira previously, I am doing the 6 minute warm-up, the Capoeira section and the Samba de Roda bonus feature. That is 24 minutes of sweat breaking enjoyment. It really is fun. Whatever your personal style, I highly recommend a dance based exercise regimen. It got my slim lazy but up and moving around the living room like a wild woman.

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  1. Thanks Jan. I used to hike like 15/20 miles a week. The dance workout makes it easy to start back up. Too bad you are not close by. I could use a workout buddy. 🙂

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