Running Late Roundup

*phew* Busy morning. Learned a lesson today. I learned that I should write my posts late afternoon and schedule them for early AM. Had 20 page hits this morning and no post for them to read! EEK! So…what to do…what to do… I have a fab post planned for tomorrow and an even fabulous-er (sorry) post for the next day(hint: BBQ).
I know! I will do a post roundup of a few old but interesting posts from the last few years.
In the next month I will write a bit about growing up as a blue eyed woman of mixed heritage. Over the past couple of years, I have written about my views on prejudice and racism.
MultiCulturalism:  In Nov. 2009, in order to start to address the topic, I posted another author’s article Beyond MultiCulturalism, which drew a large number of heated comments on my Facebook note. It is a very interesting article and well worth the read, although long. It is one of only a very few times that I would ever post another writer’s work in it’s entirety.
White Privilege: This is a very controversial topic. I know this. I do not expect it to be an easy topic to read about and discuss. That is one reason that my blog is not themed “the mixed race blue eyed chic”. Although I define myself that way from the core, there is more to talk about. I have a unique perspective on White privilege as I have blue eyes and present on the surface as a white woman, but my heritage is quite mixed. My father is Black and Native American. My mother Irish and French. On White Privilege in the United States. Once a person gets to know me a bit they can see, hear and feel my heritage. More about that later this week in a later 2011 WordCount Blogathon post.

Tatyanna Baby Pic w-Bill Wilkinson
Dad and Me July 1968

My relationship with my father has been like many other’s whose parents divorced when they were young, but it has developed in the last 6 years due in large part to both of our spiritual development.  I was raised by my mother, and credit her for my broad view on race and racial issues. Again, more later.
Prejudice Amongst the Oppressed: *sigh* Just read this. Prejudice Spilling Over: Venting ‘Nuff Said.
Lest, you read these posts and decide to run for the hills, take a peek at another side of the monkey: My son Julian is now 20. He lives in Santa Barbara, attends Santa Barbara City College and has a wonderful girlfriend who speaks 4 languages. When he was 16 I won tickets on Fox 11 LA to go to the opening day of the new The Simpson’s Ride: Krustyland at Universal Studios. It is a fantastic ride. I highly recommend it to kids of all ages. btw: Duff Beer is not very tasty and I don’t care for pink donuts with sprinkles. Blech!
A Tears for Fears music moment!
Lastly, a JOKE!
Ok. I hope that wasn’t too miserable for ya’ll. I tried. Tomorrow, I promise a real live post.

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  1. I don’t know, Tatyanna, that seemed like a “real live post” to me! What a quick but deep peek into who you are: thanks for that. I definitely look forward to reading more… especially the BBQ post. Mmm. BBQ. 😉

    1. Hi Lisa. Glad you enjoyed this post. I am an open book. 🙂
      The BBQ post is a secret. But, I will say it has pulled pork, a famous locale, a television personality and creme soda. hehe

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