On White Privilege in the UNITED STATES

I have been led by recent discussions on my NOTE in which I posted an article that proposed intellectual discussion of “whiteness” and whether their is something Beyond Multiculturalism. It was food for thought. It was originally posted by my father.
As a follow up to my own writing about being fed up with and taking action against prejudice as well as the article about the sweat lodge deaths that became a discussion about racism, my posting of this article got varied reaction from a very diverse group of folks. A half white/half Latina, 2 black men both with some Native American heritage, and two white men.
In the next few months I will be developing my ideas for getting back in the mix of anti-racism and anti-prejudice education of children in my community. I truly believe I am being led back to this work which was originally a big part of my career and life’s work. I feel that the Creator has challenged me and allowed me to see that when I start this work again I will need to be weary of preaching to the choir and make sure I am prepared for the backlash from those with opposing views, which is inevitable.
Everything I will write and do is based on informed opinion and not meant to belittle or degrade anyone else’s viewpoint or beliefs, but merely to educate, inspire thought and challenge folks to put their ideologies aside to expand their knowledge and possibly shift their perspectives. However, if one is not “ready”, one will fight tooth and nail to maintain their ideology:
To use a quote that a good friend often uses:
ALL Truth Passes through 3 Stages:
1st: It Is Ridiculed
2nd: It Is Violently Opposed
3rd: It Is Accepted as Being Self Evident
If what I am bringing up is not YOUR truth, then, replace the word “truth” with “change” or “paradigm shift” and you will get what I am trying to say.
Each of us has an ideology which is based in our individual genetic make up(cellular memory) and environmental factors(country, neighborhood, household, peer group).
What if we never take the time to explore other ideologies or shift our ideology based on lessons we have learned or knowledge we have been exposed to? What have we gained?
What if we judged harshly each person or group who fights that shift in their own ideology and in turn get angry? What will we learn then?
My purpose is not to force any idea or ideal on anyone. My purpose is to share ideas that will make people think and maybe even inspire people to explore a new ideology or simply add on to theirs.
Right now I feel the need to share more on white privilege. For people who have had this discussion as part of the formation of their personal ideology, this will not be a jagged pill to swallow. But, I know and understand that for folks who have not been exposed to this idea or the ramifications of it’s premise before, it may be painful and may even cause anger or sadness.
Be in touch with yourself and your reactions. If one finds themselves going to a place of anger(or fear) at reading new ideas, one who behoove themselves to take a deep breathe and place their ideology on a shelf in order to open a space for the information. Then, later, after quiet reflection, research and explore if you feel drawn to. If not, no harm done. Your brain will have grown a few new synapses. šŸ™‚
White people need to acknowledge benefits of unearned privilegeĀ©
by Robert Jensen
The Follow Up article
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I am sharing ideas which fit my personal ideology. Don’t kill the messenger. Expand your mind. Open your heart.

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