Bush family knows all about Nazi Appeasement

Original Reposted from Crooks and Liars: Watch Video at C&L. President Bush’s foreign policy has been nothing short of a disaster and even MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan can’t help but call this what it is – an unprecedented smear of an American presidential candidate from outside the country. Buchanan and Harold Ford Jr. both agree that […]

When In Hollywood do as the Hollywoodians Do

I have a very close male friend, J, who is an actor/director/playwright and acting teacher/coach. over the years, he has created a unique acting/exploration technique called “The Process”. His acting workshop (school) is called The Scared Actor. Click to see his website. For years he has sent out calls for actors to his email list […]

Elder's Meditation of the Day – May 9

This could not be more timely. I need to pray today. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Without a sacred center, no one knows right from wrong.” —- Thomas Yellowtail, CROW In the center of the circle is where the powers reside. These powers are called love, principle, justice, spirtual knowledge, life, forgiveness and truth. All these powers reside in […]