"We" Keep Buying This Crap, They Keep Selling It

I am sick, sick ,sick of fake gurus, spiritual experts and the money hungry cows that join their herds and graze on their bullshit. DREAMING BEAR This guy is all the things to hate about fake shamans and so much more! This guy makes me ill. THE SECRET EXPOSED I agree that the energy we […]

Genetically Altered Hypoallergenic Cats? Um…WHAT?

What the heck is this? http://www.allerca.com Someone just posted to the catlovers community about not being able to find hypoallergenic cats at any shelters. I guess there are some breeds that have much less dander, etc. One commenter posted this Allerca site. Text from the website: Millions of people worldwide are allergic to cats. One […]

Elder's Meditation of the Day – August 12

“With one mind we address our acknowledgement, respect, and gratefulness to all the sacred Cycle of Life. We, as humans, must remember to be humble and acknowledge the gifts we use so freely in our daily lives.”   –Audrey Shenandoah, ONONDAGA The sacred Cycle of life – the baby, the youth, the adult, the Elder. […]


ARRR! It’s Smee! You know…Smee…anyone? Beuller? *sigh* Anyway… I’m back! It has been a busy couple of weeks in the life arena. I have finally been able to get A computer up and running and with net access. I’ll post about it all this coming week. I’ve missed you guys and I will be making […]