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Ursula Rucker: Spoken Word Poet: Activist: Woman: Spiritual Being

This piece Touches me DeeplyI think I’m needing some cleansing. I need to be out in nature. I need to feel connected. I need to be with my siters and brothers. Feeling spiritually isolated. Humbled by Ursula Rucker (URSULA)WHITE CLOUD RIVERS RAN THROUGH MEI FELT THEM PASS THROUGH MY BONESTHROUGH LIVER AND LUNGAND STOMACHWASHED ME […]

The Song that Made me Cry

I really have no general desire to be married right now…so the “wedding ring” part of this song does not apply, so I took it out. …but it did touch me….”Shall We Dance” was a cute…albeit corny flick…but Peter Gabriel singing this song…ahhh…I love the gruff but gentle tone of his voice. sexy…warm…from a deeper […]

A through Z

Borrowed from ravyne_hawke who I have a bunch in common with. ;p Accent: I don’t hear an accent but people from Eastern Massachusetts say I have a Western Massachusetts accent. Apprently I have a usnique way of saying: kittens and mittens. hehe Booze: Mur Lot Chore I Hate: DISHES! Dog or Cat: I am about […]

I'm Feeling Off Kilter: This is Spot On

It’s wierd…baking makes me feel better…like a security blanket….when I am feeling insecure about things. Yesterday I baked Elaphant Ear Cookies (um…can you saud divine?) and Garlic Cheese Bicuits with a recipe I got from kataish . Today I will be baking French Bread….it has to rise 5 hours…be shaped…the rise 2 more.I am impatient […]