I Want to make This


and this…


ok…I’m just going to post the BAKING SHEET BLOG LINK

Essentially there are 4 reasons why I wanted a full time job:

1. To pay people back $$ I owe so I can be free and clear of those obligations and be less anxious about money.

2. To feed my brain and actualize my desires as an agent for change.

3. To get my Jeep on the road PRIMARILY to allow me to get out and spend more time with Mother Earth, her creatures and ok…smoke of the 2leggeds as well. heh

4. And the 4th and most delicious reason. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO COOK AND BAKE TO MY HEARTS DESIRE….and the desire of the hearts around me too.

The best Food Blog I have Ever Seen: TIGERS & STRAWBERRIES
Barbara, the blogger, is a really cool person and smart too!!!!

OH MY! I HAVE to make this real soon!! hmm…with the two cornish game hens I bought yesterday…on SALE? YUMMMMM

I LOVE Frech Toast with Strawberries. And REAL Maple Syrup.

Found this one looking for a REAL QUICHE recipe, but it’s really good all around. And sensual. The Real Quiche Link is on the right of the page.

I just like this PASTA PANTESCO.


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