For my Records

Translate this later. NOTE: DONE. El chocolate se elabora a partir de la mezcla de granos de cacao secos y bienfermentados. Se limpian, tuestan (en este proceso se desarrollan el aroma y sabor), se elimina la c├íscara y se muele la almendra. A este subproducto se le conoce como masa de cacao. The […]


Last night M came over to work on itengvu . That is the name of the hot springs project btw. I still have not explianed, but I probably won’t here. Ask if you are curious. Anyway..she is sitting at my desk area as I type and she noticed a card tacked to my bulletin board. […]

Thinking with your Heart : Clearing Confusion and Pain

Recently, for many of us, there has been a cycle of realizing that we need to sit still and really be with ourselves. The danger can be to climb all up inside our heads and we end up consumed and all wrapped up in pain and issues…not able to see through the fog that all […]