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My New Haircut My New Haircut
So, I was bored with my hair and wanted to do a Henna. While I was preparing the Henna I decided to trim my hair. I got the urge to TRIM 3 inches. So, I did!

It turned out well! I’m happy with it. I feel more like my funkay self. hehe

Julian/girlfriend Julian/girlfriend
This is a picture of my son, Julian who is 15, and his girlfriend of 10 mos.

They get together for macrame and baking cookies. It’s so cute! *blank stare*

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  1. I LIKE your haircut. If I could get my natural curls to behave properly (and they never do unless I cut them off), I’d get a cut like that.

    Macrame and baking cookies. Well, it’s an interesting/unusual for kids nowadays combination, but it keeps em out of trouble. They look cute together/ =)

    1. Curls

      My curls still don’t behave. I took that picture as soon as it dried. Most days it’s wnot that perfect shape. Shorter styles on curly hair tend to make the curls more bouncy and less out of control.

  2. Too cute!!!

    Geesh, I can’t believe Julian is 15 now. He’s really growing up! And I notice he doesn’t have glasses anymore. Did you get him contacts finally? Or did his eyes adjust so he doesn’t have to require ’em anymore?

    I’m so happy for you, and especially for Julian. He’s growing into a fine young adult. 🙂

      1. Re: Glasses

        Damn. I was hoping he’d never have the worry again. I know of some kids who have “outgrown” the need for glasses as they got older. I know what it’s like to have been a kid dependent on glasses/contacts.

  3. You’ve got the same problem I do with two of my kids, you couldn’t not claim him if you tried. People would take one look at the two of you and say, “Oh yeah, he’s yours!” lol
    Are your eyes really that intense of a blue? I’m jealous. My eyes are blue, but not so deeply colored.

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